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Over the years as I have grown from kid to young adult I have noticed a phenomenon that affects all but none. I am convinced that every human has mastered this tasteless art. Tell me, how many times have you thought of something great to do, only to put it on a post it notes for tomorrow? Yes!! I am talking about procrastination. I for one wouldn’t fit the count on my fingers if I began, my point is we have all procrastinated countless times. The one thing I think that makes us fall victim to procrastination is the word tomorrow. I will do it tomorrow, I will start tomorrow, I will finish it tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...

Let me tell you a simple yet common story. In a small town by the corner of Glamour St, there was a small but popular barber shop. A lad in need of a fresh trim _haircut_ got to the shop and on the door was written, “Free HAIRCUTZ Tomorrow”. The lad looking for a fresh cut turned up the following day, and said to the master of the scissors _barber_ I am here for a free haircut. The barber asked him to read the Promo again, the young man read, " Free HAIRCUTZ Tomorrow”. He left in disappointment and turned up the following day only to be turned away again as the sign was still on the door. The barbers excuse was the fact that tomorrow never comes.

I know you all have great ideas, amazing plans to start reading a certain book, start a new routine, start eating healthy, start exercising, start evangelising and evangeliving, start whatever it is you want to start doing but the common barrier has been the words, “I WILL START TOMORROW”. Dear friends TOMORROW NEVER COMES.

A few tips to stop procrastinating and start reaping the fruits of timely executed plans and ideas:

  • Pray about it (put everything in God’s hands Phil 4:13, Mark 10:27)
  • Definite plan of execution (Failing to plan is planning to fail)
  • Be motivated by the results of completion rather than consequences of not doing something (most of us are comfortable with where we are and find no reason for change)
  • Specific date when you need to start and finish (this one is adjusted depending on progress)
  • Always know you are an influence to people around you (so do all things that are good Phil 4:8, James 4:17)
  • Tell someone about your plans (having someone to be accountable to is very effective)

I’m sure you have found at least a thing or two that were helpful. Next time we talk about Progress. Until then you work on getting those plans and ideas started.

He is a BSc (Hons) Actuarial Science Graduate currently doing his Masters in Enterprise and Business Creation. He's also passionate about business and networking and an avid self development book reader.