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The Power Of Stories

Telling stories is an art in its self. Not everyone can tell a story that will leave the hearer wanting to hear more or engage their audience on a mental journey that allows them to vividly picture that which the storyteller wishes to convey. So many stories have been told in the past, good ones and bad ones, some are easily forgotten some go on to live forever in the hearers’ memories. By the means of stories messages/lessons/principles have been delivered.

Story telling is an art in its self that has to be mastered and if well used can be one of the best teaching tools that can be exploited to great lengths. There are many things that have to be considered when you are telling a story such as the age group of the audience, the terminology you use, how long the story will be, the flow, the objective etc.

Jesus himself used stories to convey vital truths throughout his earthly ministry. These stories we know them as parables, the benefit that stories bring is that the audience can easily relate to what is being said based on the practicality of the story. The way the human mind works is amazing, if you were to bombard people with facts after facts they will quickly lose interest and chances of them recollecting most of the facts are really slim. The magic a story works is that if told well it fastens the attention of the audience to the story and they naturally want to hear more as to what happens next as our brains work by logically following something that is congruent and seamless.

But the greatest story ever told is the story of salvation, the story of how Jesus Christ came down to earth and die for our sins. A bit of knowledge can make a whole difference in the way we deliver the word of God, the bible says Hosea 4:6 “My people perish for the lack of knowledge”. We can learn a lot from Jesus himself he was able to preach to multitudes on the Sermon at the Mount for days it takes an individual under the spirit of God to be able to hold the crowd’s attention for that long in addition to being a superb public speaker. The aim is not to qualify ourselves for the calling but to allow Christ to qualify us. The key is to have the humility to listen when the Holy Spirit is equipping us to be better servants of the Master.

In closing the book of Matthew encourages us to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove so with the help of the Holy Spirit we can use the power of stories to spread his love and be agents of change.

Simba is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer currently working in the automotive industry. He is a self-qualified enthusiast about health and fitness.