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The rest our body needs

Are you weary and worn with the routine of everyday life? Rest is what you need: physical and mental rest. It is one of the special healing remedies and it is freely available to you; just now.

There is a reason why at some point in our 24 hour day we can no longer function as well, or think as intellectually or perform tasks as well as we would wish. The reason for this is because our bodies are built to take a break, pause a while and rest. We need both physical and mental rest. The greatest thing about this special healing remedy is that it helps to heal damaged cells, the storage of memories and the overall rejuvenation of the whole being. Rest is also free of charge.

Do you have the “go, go attitude” which is so common in the Western civilization? Well if so, guess what, its time to take a positive change in your lifestyle; this attitude leads to nervous breakdowns or even worse ‘early deaths’. It forces people to act on an objectionable word crumbed in their minds without taking the time to think about their decision in a tactful manner. This act also leads to despair and discouragement in so many ways. This is one of the effects of the fast world we are living in and this attitude usually surprases rest since it forces one to be on the move all the time without setting apart time to think or even rest. Guess what, “you are not a machine!” hence you need time to rest as well.

Over the years I have come across a lot of people who have had a problem with sleeping. Sometimes this problem would have been voluntarily caused and yet sometimes it would have been involuntarily caused. Some of the voluntary ways this problem came to being was mainly due to ‘late night entertainment, late night studying, late night activeness, late night snacking…’ in brief I would call it ‘the owl characteristics.’ Some of the involuntary ways are, ‘stress, work, illness, accumulated late night mind processing habits…’

Rest can bring some of the blessings which you may very much need. Funny enough, with this ever busy, fast generation, we often find that one of the basic healers to mankind (REST) is often neglected. Most often, we find this generation only seeing the importance of rest when they fall ill. Maybe just like me, you must have wondered once why all the patients spend almost all their day in bed and not at night only. Well the truth of the matter is that, the restorative power of rest is a key to the success of all other remedial agencies.

“The importance of regularity in the time for eating and sleeping should not be overlooked. Since the work of building up the body takes place during the hours of rest, it is essential, especially in youth that sleep should be regular and abundant. In regulating the hours for sleep, there should be no haphazard work. If you are a student just like me, I would encourage you not to form habits of taking the hours of the day for sleep. It is more effective and healthier to go to bed at a reasonable hour and then rise early in the morning refreshed for the duties of the day. (CG 363.2-3)

So yah, rest can help in the healing procedure. Some may ask, “what about when one is not ill” is it that crucial? Well the truth of the matter is that, “to a startling degree, it is the lack of adequate rest while one is well which causes one to become ill.”

    Simple Principles about rest:

  • Resting is not only defined as the presence of sleep. It is just a change of pace (doing something different) can bring rest to the body and mind. All you need to do is to relax.
  • One can train themselves to relax by just standing by an open window or walking in the open air (something which does not work the mind that much) etc. By so doing, a sense of rest and calmness will therefore fill the heart and then a genuine, quiet relaxation of the spirit will then come over you.

Therefore, although life can get really hectic and busy at its best, it is important that we pose to rest. This is why God made nighttime and the Sabbath day so that we can get some time free from every care. So get your share of rest and live life to the fullest!!

Cynthia is currently studying Human Health & Nutrition and strives to live a healthy life. "My strength to survive and achieve this holistic healthy life comes from God and God alone, Without Him, my life would be a mess trust me because for me, it’s an everyday battle against self!"