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Well I have asked a lot of people who have succeeded in different aspects of their lives ‘how they were able to succeed?” Guess what, they have all given me the same answers. Success only comes through determination, persistence, trust and also through knowing before hand that the journey will not be easy but yet again continuing with the journey even when you stumble once in a while.

Well with this in mind, I would love to encourage all of us to determine ourselves to live healthier lifestyles and the only way to achieve this is by focusing on our transitioning period this month.

Today, more than ever, we have become victims of our own lifestyle. A lot of people have become victims of their own choices by acquiring some illness that could have been stopped if only they would have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle in time. “The greatest health benefits are likely to accrue from efforts to improve the health habits of people instead of relying on medicalization of society.”

As with any diet, balance is the key to good health. Since a healthy diet includes a balance of different foods such as tubers, legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, I advice all of us to eat a range of these foods and not just concentrate with one aspect of these food groups. A bad example of transitioning to a healthier diet is to simply replace the meat part of a meal with a plate of vegetables or a slab of high-fat cheese since these will not provide all the nutrients required by the body. On the contrary, the best way to transitioning is to substitute every unhealthy food with a healthier option in that “same family”.

When making some changes in diet, some have to do it all at once because of a life-threatening event such as a heart attach or the diagnosis of diabetes. If this is your case then, please do change immediately, if not, please do change gradually. Changing gradually will enable your new habit to become reinforced whilst also decreasing your risk for disease, step by step. It is recommended to set aside a period of adaptation, where the organism phases out certain foods and, at the same time, gets used to others.

For instant, “some meat products, fried foods, spices, excessive fat, and refined products, should gradually be substituted by a variety of nuts, legume, vegetable, fruits and greens prepared in a simple way. For some, this change may be effected in a few weeks whilst others may be affected in a longer period.

Well as we have figured from the other articles, this transitioning period also includes the exercise aspects and our reading aspects. To get more information on the exercise segment, please visit the exercise panel. If you would also want to travel in the reading segment with us, please read the “free books” or visit the devotional panel.

Welcome to the road of success!!!

Cynthia is currently studying Human Health & Nutrition and strives to live a healthy life. "My strength to survive and achieve this holistic healthy life comes from God and God alone, Without Him, my life would be a mess trust me because for me, it’s an everyday battle against self!"