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Why Do You Want To Be Healthy?

For many of you, you are on this website to gain some insight about health. You want to be healthier than you are now or maybe you want to maintain your current healthy lifestyle, today let’s address the WHY question. WHY do you want to be healthy?

A lot of the time our health is external, losing a few pounds here and gaining some muscle there, fitting into a birthday dress or lifting a certain amount of weights in the gym. ‘Health’ becomes about appearance and striving for a goal that even when reached will not leave you satisfied.

Being healthy is a lifestyle, and yes this sounds like a motivational catchphrase you see on Pinterest with a healthy looking male/female on the cover who looks like they are selling you dreams. But the reality is BEING HEALTHY IS A LIFESTYLE. And our reason for living a healthy life needs to be bigger than just the outward appearance. A diet is temporary, it lasts a few weeks and maybe it’s successful for that time but as soon as you stop it you’re back to where you started and the next month you’re onto the next one. This is the OPPOSITE of living a healthy life.

A healthy life is about discipline and choice. Every morning YOU chose how you start your day, what you eat, what you watch, who you talk to and every single one of these things contributes to your health. The world health organisation’s (WHO) definition for health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” So only because you are a certain weight or stature and are not presently ill does not mean you’re healthy. Therefore let us aim for COMPLETE physical, mental and social well-being.

 When your motivation and reasons change this will help you to stay focused and not give up. If your health is your life then you will live to be healthy. You will not eat certain foods, be lazy to exercise, indulge in unhealthy practices, speak a certain way; WHY? Because you LIVE A HEALTHY LIFE.

With every article this month I will be posting a Daily challenge which if you take on board each one, you will have hopefully made small changes in your life which will make a bigger picture of healthier happier you. It is only the start of the year and I hope by the end of the year your life will be completely different just by the healthy choices you make! And I aim to help you through it daily as this is a journey and it has to be taken step by step. As you make your resolutions chose today to LIVE HEALTHILY and just watch as your life beings to change.

Your challange this week is to drink 2 litres of water every day. How hard can that be!!

Petty is a Biomediacal Science graduate and a youtube Vlogger who makes fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle videos. Subscribe to her youtube channel @Nella Grace.